In tune with its time
A strong vocation for business law. It was based on this premise that the law firm of Porto Lauand was first founded and developed. Currently, the firm offers highly specialized legal services to Brazilian and foreign clients in a wide range of industries. 
During the last decade, increased economic globalization has led to intensively competitive business environments. This development has generated a need for legal professionals capable of formulating legal strategies and offering guidance in keeping with the fast pace at which corporate decisions are made. 

Attorneys must now be familiar with a wide array of legal tools and, to a significant extent, also with business concepts and strategies. This is the profile of the legal team at Porto Lauand Advogados. 

A particular aim of our firm is to integrate the work of our attorneys with the day-to-day activities of our clients. Our goal is to make our lawyers aware not only of the legal issues and needs of our clients but also of the internal culture and strategic planning of each company that we advise. Such integration makes for quick decisions and implementation of the most suitable legal solution in each case. 

In accordance with its philosophy of personal involvement, expertise and strong technical qualifications, the law firm of Porto Lauand has in the recent past offered legal advice on complex corporate transactions and matters. In an advisory capacity, we have provided assistance in connection with estate and tax planning, contracts, competitive tenders, and structuring of corporate transactions. In the area of litigation, our firm has acted in major cases before the courts of law and governmental agencies.
We provide legal counsel in the field of corporate business, acting on a customized basis, preventing and resolving conflicts.
We intend to be a law firm defined by the quality of services provided and the relationship of trust developed with clients.
We continuously seek RESULTS, with AGILITY, creativity and QUALITY

We value long-term relations, based on TRUST and PROXIMITY with both our clients and our associates. 

We believe that our success lies in the SATISFACTION OF OUR CUSTOMERS

We promote a COLABORATIVE work environment, fostering DEVELOPMENT and professional growth.